Defi Island to Cronos Ecosystem

Hello Fellow Cronos Chimp Club Members. I’m just here to help broaden your horizon/perspective on the ever-growing Cronos Ecosystem, and maybe later the whole Defi space such as Matic, BSC, FTM, SOL, AVAX, etc… since there are various bridges to any of them from Cronos.

The new educational channel created in CCC discord will help and support new users who want to venture off from the recommended list of the CDC Defi wallet into other projects that are being developed in the Cronos space. Remember this is not going to be a call channel, it would be strictly for the purpose of new users utilizing tools to do their own research before investing into a project. This article will just lightly graze the surface of Cronos Defi since there are so many aspects to consider, hence why there will be an educational channel to help one another navigate in the right direction.

First off, lets just focus on the Cronos ecosystem and see what informational resources it has to offer. Starting with Its a website that has a directory of projects, calendar for updates in projects and launches, and AMAs projects. These projects asked ask to be on this directory and would assume are vetted to a certain criteria.


I know how you guys/gals like your VVS

The two main charting tools for Cronos right now is and


It is kind of funny that there is a certain divide between discord users and telegram users, just as there is divide between the CDC Defi app users and Metamask users. Even though there are more than 5+ millions active users, new defi-ers are still reluctant to use it.

I believe you are only limiting yourself and capping the flow of information refusing to use only one. It has been seen that discord is more used for NFTs (even though servers might be artificially inflated due to WL contest and such), while tokens/other protocols spawn in telegram. Here is a list that of Telegram groups that are universally looking for those gems:

There are telegrams groups that are specific to the project of course, but these ones are the groups looking at those and talking amongst themselves about the projects. I am pretty sure more will arise, but there are other TG channels that talk all about the different chains with the inclusion of Cronos chain.


As of right now there are the only ones that I have found on discord. (CRNS Hub) (Defi Direct) (The Laboratory)

Just the Beginning

I don’t want to make this article too long, fill with too much information because there are just endless topics to cover; Dexes, AMM, Meme Coins, Lending/Borrowing protocols, tax tokenomics, DAOs, interaction within the smart contract incase the website goes down( on cronos explorer), and just loads more. Hopefully this educational channel will help guide your journey along in this Defi space.

Let me know what else people want to cover in articles, and I know surely people who have been in the Defi space in other chains will gladly hand down the knowledge they have learned. Once you learn the basic fundamentals of one chain, all the rest will come easier to you.

Much Love to the Chimp Community!



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