Another Reminder : Crypto Safety

In recent news of the Axie Infinity that took the world by storm of its Pokémon-style NFT game, the hackers walked away with $625 million making the largest crypto hack ever. If you want to go into further detail into the vulnerabilities of :

Also check out Scams to Avoid to help to navigate through your Defi/NFT journey.

Just as of yesterday, there were reports of hacked bots in Discord server.

Following the thread:

This is a clear reminder that your personal data and your assets are always subjected to vulnerability, whether in Defi or IRL companies/software. With the emergence of blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, Dapps, NFTs and the lack of knowledge in these ecosystems, this is a hot spot for scammers.

Remember to stay up-to-date in your NFT communities, Defi protocols that you’re in, and the blockchains in which your projects resides. Most times problems effecting the blockchain will in turn effect the project that it is on.

Stay safe out there and DYOR about your security on all platforms.


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